Company Profile

In business of today, we need to be in a mode of constant change to align ourselves with our customers.

After nearly 40 years in business, and developing innovative companies in four different and diverse industries, I learnt the value of:

  • Developing innovative products to meet modern customer needs.

  • Differentiation of your product from your competitors.

  • Understanding your customer needs and being able to interact.

The Real Estate Industry for many years has not changed from the original format of a local agent in a street location offering houses for sale. But with the advent of the internet and more importantly the introduction of the portals such as,, and others, the marketing in many ways was taken out of the hands of the local real estate agent. The role of the modern real estate agent has changed accordingly. However, many agents of the old school have not seen the need to change. This creates an opening for a new style of real estate agent who looks at the future and how they may look after their customers better.

W P (Barry) Osborne