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#5 Essential steps in modern Database Management

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Too often data bases are created or purchased simply to give a business a list of names of people to phone or email as potential customers. In other words, a list of people to annoy. The real fact is that you will probably annoy many more people than you will gain as leads. So, you ask yourself, “Is it really worth the trouble”.

Database Management is critical to building relationships and trust
Before people buy, they research the internet, searching for your helpful advice

What is the goal that we want to achieve out of our Database?

We want an up to date list of people who are potential clients who are interested in buying our product or services, whether it is now or in the future.

However, once again the internet has brought with it some changes in how we generate these leads.

What do we need to consider in this modern-day internet world about Lead Generation?

1. Understand the modern-day consumer.

When the consumer considers a purchase of any item, the first thing they will do, is go to the internet to do research, they do not phone a salesperson. Therefore, in this research phase, they are after information. They seek out companies that are offering helpful advice. You must now ask yourself the question, “Will they come across you or your company when carrying out their research?” The big difference with the internet, you are no longer approaching them, they are approaching you because they are interested in either your product or service, but more importantly your advice. A good fisherman will tell you that you need the right bait at the right time to catch the fish.

2. How do you become aware of interested parties on the internet?

It is no good for them to take the information from your fantastic blog or website, they must register with you by giving their name and email address at least. Ask yourself, “What can I give them, that they will be prepared to give me their name and email address?” This is your opportunity to demonstrate your worth in your industry. You have a wealth of knowledge, why not produce an eBook that answers their concerns on a topic that is of concern to them, so that they sign up, and immediately the eBook is sent to them, whatever the time, day or night. In the Real Estate world, they want to inspect a property they are interested in, so they need to register, but don't just rely on them, because these are short term leads. They buy a property and they are gone.

3. Generating a list of Leads.

But not all the leads are in the position to make their purchase immediately. Important not to reject those who are not ready now because they are your future leads and you need to nurture them. It is critical not to let them just sit on the list, because no contact or pushing them when they are not ready, could mean you lose them all together. This would mean you are chasing new leads all the time, when you should be simply adding to your leads list.

4. Interact with your Leads to Build Profiles.

This is the essential difference with internet marketing, it is no longer passive as in the old ways of outbound marketing. These leads are hungry for information, so what more information can you give, that they are prepared to give you more data on themselves, so you can build up a profile on your lead, particularly those who are not ready to make the purchase. Such information as:

· What time frame are they wishing to make their purchase?

· What is holding them back at present?

· What is the product that they are looking at?

· What is the price range?

· What are the essential features of the product they are looking at?

· Employed or Self employed

· Income bracket

· Level of Deposit

· Many more items for you to consider

As you can imagine, much of this information is very personal, so you must develop TRUST. This is very difficult as the Real Estate industry is one of the least trusted professions. This is a great opportunity for a new style of Real Estate Agent coming onto the market or an established one who is changing to do things differently, that will earn people's trust.

5. Qualifying your Leads.

This allows you to work with those leads that are top priority because they require action now as they are ready now to buy. Just to reiterate, those not ready now are NOT less important, because they are your future leads and it is important to nurture them further.

In the beginning, it could appear a lot of hard work, but with time you will find that Sales occur without the need of a lot of marketing, because you have buyers, just waiting for you to hand them the right product and they want to buy from you, because they know you more, after this interactive experience and have learnt to trust what you say.

To make your database a real asset, it has to become much more than a list of names to contact. It has to be managed to ensure, it is up to date, and contact is regular and not only to be sold to, but giving of important advice, or topical information.

This system was used successfully in Property Sales for a particular market, and it was so successful that properties were sold before they were even listed on the portals. This created other issues which will be mentioned in a latter blog.

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