A modern agency with a difference
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What do property owners want from their agent today:
  • honesty and straight talking
  • understanding of modern day marketing
  • understanding of the market
  • selling and negotiation skills
  • professionalism and strong ethics
The #3 major fundamentals in Selling your home in the internet world are:
#1 Price correctly
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Price correctly to meet the market

Determine the market price of your property not put on a price of simply what you want. Getting this wrong will only delay the sale and cause much disappointment.

So research, research & research.

One of the traps is to be lured into signing with an agent who seems to go along with the price you want, only to find after a lot of money spent on getting the property prepared for sale and marketing, that you are forced eventually into accepting a lower price.

#2 Prepare for Sale
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Prepare the property for sale

This is your major investment and therefore it requires a business plan that includes:

  • price to sell

  • work to be done on property prior to sale

  • time to sell

  • marketing strategy

  • selling by private treaty or auction

  • selection of agent

Most important not to be rushed into going to market, when the property is not ready. You want potential buyers coming to your property with all positive feeling towards, as soon as they walk onto the property.


You want to hear them say "WOW!"

#3 Present to stand out
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Present property to stand out

Your major avenue for selling is through the portals which does present some unique challenges such as:

  • your potential buyer scans quickly the portal ads

  • determine how to make your ad stand out

  • what not to do in a portal ad

The old strategy of with holding information from potential buyers will no longer work. They are on the web, late at night, and want all the information now. If they do not get it, they jump to the next property and may not come back to yours.

On the internet, you get ONE chance, don't blow it.